Tender Project Plan


  • Negotiate project plan and details with sponsor
  • Begin qualitative discussions within group, building on internal expertise - building the model questions using group expertise


  • Start comprehensive literature review based on December discussions
  • Prepare qualitative interviews
  • Aggregate and compare existing survey data


  • Finalise and carry out in depth qualitative interviews
    • Commence writing up in depth interviews -> case studies
  • Plan survey recruitment process and optimisation
  • Carry out sampling experiment on science social networking sites (look for specific set of people on these sites)


  • Build model questions (based on interviews)
  • Prepare survey
  • Finalise literature review manuscript


  • Run survey over three to four weeks (depending on response rates) (should this be later to allow more time for comprehensive review)


  • Statistical analysis of survey results


  • Writing up finalise and publicise key results
  • Finalise manuscript on survey results analysis and submit
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